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BloodThirstyLord Aliens Vs Predator 2021?! Review & Multiplayer

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  1. In my opinion Alien vs Predator 2010 is the best game
    I love the art style
    It's based off my favorite franchise
    It was released the same year I was born
    It has iconic weapons from both series
    The three campaigns are awesome

  2. AVP 2 is by far the best game in this series, still a faithful community playing this online too. Playing as Predator really recreates the feel and aesthetics of the first two movies from 80's and 90's. I hope any future game does the same instead of using any of the post 2004 Predator aesthetic.

  3. Idk when they’ll figure out that they need to make a single player predator game in the style of like assassins creed/Arkham series .. with tons of gore and a great story.. stealth. Customization. Executions. If they did it correctly it would be amazing

  4. Used to play this A LOT back on the 360 i loved playing infestation on the pyramid map with randoms we'd all hold up at the back of the map and just guard all three entrances then I'd try to haul ass when the pyramid started to change and hear people screaming on the other side of the wall was hilarious XD


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