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A longplay of Playstation’s Disney’s Hercules Action Game by me. I have no complaints about this one aside from the fact that I had recording issues with it for …

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  1. How can you have good enough reflexes to cut hydra heads as they are lunging at you, but be so bad that you can't figure out the pattern of how they move, which makes them a cakewalk, even for ppl with slower relflexes?

  2. d R

    Man I struggled with the first two levels for SO long, I remember when I finally beat that Centaur asshole I was so happy. The atmosphere of this game is actually quite sombre and grim at times, kinda reminiscent of the part in the actual movie where Herc loses his strength. The Cyclops level was always my favourite.
    I kinda miss this 2.5D style of platformer, though this game in particular had a certain charm to it that many such games lacked, and the levels where you're constantly running forward were quite a novelty at the time, and was seldom seen in non-arcade games [it's kinda interesting that "endless runners" only became popular over a decade after this game's release with mobile games like "Temple Run"].


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